blog #20 Colossus of Paris

One of the Seven Wonders of the New World

How the brain works .. we see what we think we see.
The Grande Arche in Paris is standing at the end of a long axis from the Louvre through the Arc de Triomphe to La Defense where it ends at the steps of this huge building. The huge space in front of the Grande Arche is something to inspire photographers and artists from around the world.
The Grande Arche is simply said a frame .. a huge frame with nothing in it but air .. or heaven if you wish.
Good to know that the square has been created for people from all over the world to meet .. all kinds of people, all culture4s, all genders, all colors, all ages etc.
I imagine all kinds of art there at the square and inside the frame. My suggestion is to place several statues of Colossus there at specific well chosen locations to mark the space and the proportions of the building and the people. Preferably in different colors and one wrapped in cloth to honor Christo (who did not do the Arche by the way).

blog #18 Complex images

Paris perfectionism in social housing

The task at hand is: to make a picture with different textures, each corner of the image has to tell something else about the building. Keep it soft and gentile, human. People must live here. This is not a concrete statement, it is a place you want to live. A house with light and fresh air .. in a big metropolitan area. The image is built up with layers each one with another texture and feeling. Complex but simple and effective, right?