photography workshop Rio de Janeiro

Photography workshop Rio de Janeiro

the Rio de Janeiro workshops offer photography with passion and life. We will visit the beaches Ipanema and Copacabana, one favela, old and new architecture in several areas and the everywhere present nature, plus Sugarloaf for a great view over the bay. But above all: warm en beautiful people. We visit each day another area of the city. You will learn a lot about photography of people in the streets, architecture, landscapes and you will create a photo series with Storytelling. Guided by the best teacher and photographer who loves the city and knows where to go and stay safe you will develop your photograph style and approach.

Oct. 12-21, 2023

Ten days with some days two workshops per day and feedback on your results and other days you can choose: individual lesson, relaxing, touristic trip, research, your own project or a moment of relaxation if you wish.


Fee 10 days Rio: €1250,-
in fee is not included:
– travel costs (flight from home and back, travelcosts inside Rio during stay)
– food and drinks
– room /apartment
– museums (Rio has many fantastic museums so we will visit one or two)
– insurance (take care of this yourself for the camera and for your health)

room / housing
We help you to book a room (or we arrange a room for you) together with the group in a safe and nice neighborhood.
We know the neighborhood very well and the stay will be very pleasant and relaxing.

10 days Rio is amazing

You want to capture beauty or you want to learn hot to make your pictures tell an interesting story. Our approach to you is personal and our approach to the people of Rio will be respectful.

email me if you want more information or to sign up:

group size:
3 – 5 people

Paul Struijk, experienced Leica photographer

what you need:
camera (digital or film)
lens: wide angle for Urban, Architecture, Landscape
and a 35mm / 50mm for Street photography
or a zoom lens from ±18mm – 50mm at least
more information what you need after you signed up and got confirmation

about Rio:
Rio will be warm 30-35 ºC and some days we will have tropical rain showers

the common language during the workshop will be English or Dutch (depending on the participants)

directly after signing up you will receive an email with information and instructions. You will also receive within two weeks the invoice which you have to pay in advance by bank.
sign up with the form at the bottom of this page or mail me:

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