photography workshop Sicily

photography workshop Sicily

The unique photography workshop at Sicily (South Italy) of 12 days offers three cities and three different kinds of photography. You can choose 12 or 15 days to go deeper and more personal in your approach.

  • Palermo is a beautiful city with many magnificent churches, three markets, a magical Botanical Garden and a monastery with mummies. Very good for street series of people (color or B&), of processions, the diverse cultural population with roots in ancient history.
  • Catania with the fascinating medieval fish market has the best opportunities for great portraits and street photography, even storytelling.
  • landscapes of the vulcano Etna at 3000m altitude
  • Sicily is an island with many different landscapes, quiet old villages and traces of Normans, Spain, France, Arabic culture, Greece etc. Gibellina village was destroyed by an earthquake and now there is art and decay.
    The coast is mostly wild and untouched but sometimes ugly because of industry or house blocks from the 70’s.

July 2-16, 2023


  • architectural and urban photography
  • portraits, street photography of rituals or daily routines and storytelling
  • nature / landscape

Every day a workshop about a technique, developing your creativity or deeper insights on photography. We go every day to a location or make a walk to challenge your photography: you receive exercises or you do your own project.

€1200,- : 12 days

fee for this round trip with workshops is excl. That means that not included are:

  • room and travel costs (plane, train etc)
  • transit at the island
  • food, entrances museum, church, volcano etc

12 or 15 days

  • 12 days with 10 days photography and two traveling days over the island €1200,-
  • or 15 days with 3 extra days in the area around Trapani (Erice, Marsala, Gibellina)
    Payment in advance, you will receive an invoice and payment links.

€1500,- : 15 days

We offer you help with booking flight and room (in same house or close).

the program is flexible and depending on weather, Etna, wishes of the group.
dag 1-3 Catania fish market, street photography
dag 4 volcano Etna landscape
dag 5 = travel day Catania – Palermo
dag 6-8 Palermo markets, street, storytelling
dag 9 Palermo Hortus Botanic Garden / Nature
dag 10 = travel day Palermo – Trapani
dag 11-13 Trapani + island Favignano, salt planes, coast, landscape
dag 14 countryside, Gibellina, art, landscape, Marsala or Erice
dag 15 photo selection, editing, presentation, feedback, evaluation

2 – 5 people

photographer, teacher and guide:
Paul Struijk

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  • payment in advance one week after receiving the invoice and payment procedure.
  • cancelling the trip by you will always cost you money.
  • we recommend an insurance for theft, bad luck, accidents (camera and you), illness

camera, batteries + charger, enough memory, the right lenses .. and maybe: flash and/or light tripod

the Sicily trip is a challenge for beginners and advanced photographers You are free to choose to follow the group or work individual.


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