Rio storytelling photography @ Art Lab

Date(s) - 01/10/2023 - 10/10/2023
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Rio Storytelling @ Art Lab

Visual Storytelling in Rio de Janeiro is a photography workshop to indulge yourself with a wonderful world of color, warmth, history, taste and smell. Rio has beautiful people, fantastic landscapes, great architecture and a long rich history. You will launch a project from start – idea, concept, research, planning – till execution and editing.

The end product can be: a series of photo’s or just your process, it can be art, documentary, drawing etc. Maybe you end up with an exhibition online or in a gallery in Rio or at home, maybe a book or performance. All creative ways are possible. Specially new ways for you. Combine what you are good at – maybe photography – with what you always wanted to try like drawing or writing a text. Make your creative dream come true in Rio!

In this workshop from ArtLab / imageLab you will work on your view on a subject of your choice in Rio de Janeiro.
You can combine this ArtLab workshop with the photography workshop in Rio after this one: Jan. 14-25 2023 in order to stay longer and go deeper and a better chance to have a great end product.

Oct. 1-10, 2023

A ten days workshop on Visual Storytelling with photography, writing, drawing and more if you wish.

10 days €1150,-

prize per person €1150,- / payment in advance
this fee is excl: ticket to travel to Rio, traveling in Rio, room, food etc
we can arrange a room to stay or help you to make your reservation
tickets flight from Europe – Rio back and forth: €1100,- – €2000,- depending on moment of reservation
prize room per day: €30,- (€40,- single room)

Paul Struijk, experienced Leica photographer and teacher

visual storytelling

this ArtLab Storytelling workshop is not:
* a full program you must follow
* a group travel to touristic highlights
* a holiday
* about using others (from group or inhabitants of Rio) it is an exchange of energy and knowledge. We respect others and the environment.

* daily input / lessons / feedback / actions
* time for your own process, making choices, concept, editing the results, reflection
* time to discover new possibilities
* in the weeks before we start in Rio we will discuss the plans / your project and focus points
* group size: 3-6 people

gear you probably need:
camera (digital or film)
lens: wide angle for Urban, Architecture, Landscape
and a 35mm / 50mm for Street photography or portrait
or a zoom lens from ±18mm – 50mm at least
– when you are interested in editing and feedback on postprocess: laptop (or tablet)
– when you draw or paint: your pencils, brushes, paper of course you can buy there bigger and heavier stuff
– when you write: laptop or notebook (paper. pen)
we will provide you more information about what you need after you signed up

sign up:
> book ArtLab@Rio on the right or at the bottom of this page
or contact:

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01/10/2023 - 10/10/2023
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