blog #19 Paris transformations

Only when you have time to watch closer

Paris street corner with a view. And what is in this view exactly? Old neglected house .. cafe probably .. closed. An African man walking there like he lives in the neighborhood. He walks to the left, out of the picture. A young man entering the door at the corner of the house with a case coming from the airport, for an Airbnb stay? He enters the image – from left to right how ‘we’ read – and the house, introducing the new?
How big is the chance they will see each other? And meet? In the mirroring glass we see a new building, money well spent on the walls and window cases. Is the neighborhood about to change?
created April 18, postproduction May 27, 2023
Leica M10, 24mm Summilux
©Paul Struijk

blog #13 Napoli ti amo Gianni

Young people every day in danger

When young people have no idea what to do with their life, when school is not really working for them, when at home nobody is a good role model, when your needs are not recognized, when the future is not a rose garden .. then somebody can fall into the darkness of criminality. Young gangs in Naples walk around to find a victim to rob and sometimes it goes totally wrong. An accidental bullet can end a life like the life of Gianni, only 15yr young .. everybody sad but what can we do, really do to end this? What is it we must change? Where to start? I bring my students to the square where it happened and we talk about this tragic story .. and we create something new and hopeful out of it. We transform bad into good and we hope more people follow.

7 mei 2016

Rotterdam is always good for old or new architecture .. but the last years something is changing into the direction of ‘more life’ in the streets, more popups, more coffee or smoothie terrasses .. the city is becoming more outgoing .. and so it happened that also Hotel New York with it’s grandeur became a hotspot for the ‘young and restless’