blog #5 looking vs seeing

Sept. 2, 2022 | Amsterdam
You try to make the best picture, more and more pressure on succeeding. The obvious you forget: the product is only the product, it is the process that is most important. How you behave, how you treat the environment, how you move, how you make the picture. Bringing yourself into a state of ‘observing’ and nothing more, being ‘perceptive’ and receiving what happens around you instead of projecting yourself on what you are looking at. Seeing is much much more, it is receiving and getting in tune, on the same wavelength as your subject: a flower, a building or a person.

blog #4 new: 24H of Paris or Amsterdam

Sept. 1, 2022 | Amsterdam
I created this very unique workshop: during 24 hours – Sept 16/17 – you keep following with your camera what is happening in Amsterdam. You can choose your theme or do all kinds of different things. It probably will be photography or maybe drawing and at the end you have a fantastic series of images of the flow in the city. Maybe Storytelling or Street photography .. or Portraits .. your choice.

The idea is Life in the City during 24 hours. Magical and personal. With meeting points, guidance and tips.
Upcoming date Amsterdam: Sept. 16/17, 2022. Join this special occasion.
one person: €95,- / two persons: 2x€75,-= €150,-

blog #3 about Crossroads

March 21, 2022 | Amsterdam
my Crossroads project is again in the picture .. this project is about people who arrived in their life at a point that one has te make a decision about LEFT or RIGHT .. about making a decision. But it seems it starts very often with trouble, pain, feelings of failure, chaos .. and the decision making is not a conscious process .. one can find him(her)self suddenly on a road to the LEFT or in the middle of NO IDEA where i am .. and what to do now?

blog #2 Paris

April 30, 2022 | Paris
in Europe is traveling after many months possible again: I organized a trip to Paris for 3 or 4 days: April 30. May 1,2,3 2022
€350,- excl travels, room, food, drinks
Every day two workshops: Architectural photography, Street photography, Visual Storytelling and Portraits.