about Paul Struijk

freelance photographer based in Amsterdam (NL)
For me it is the joy of creation, the warmth and the connection with people that inspire me.
I have a special focus on architecture, documentary, visual storytelling and people.

I started imageLab in 2001 to create a laboratorium for others to learn and explore photography and image making.
I teach Photography worldwide in workshops, based in Amsterdam, but every year teaching in Italy (Rome, Naples, Sicily), Spain (Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla), France (Paris) and Brazil (Rio de Janeiro).

Teaching is wonderful and it is beautiful to see photographers grow with my guidance.

about imageLab

imageLab is a laboratorium to discover your own photography, to develop your voice in image making and grow as a human in your approach to achieving your goals
imageLab is founded in 2002 in Amsterdam and active till the present day.

picture by Silver Portrait Store Amsterdam