blog #6 Paris in April

March 11, 2023 | Paris the blueprint for cities

Next month April 25-30 we will return to Paris for photography and storytelling. I started already with my preparations for two stories with photography and text. One is of course about the changes in Paris: till shortly cars dominated the streets, but a new and fast movement is changing everything. You see more bikes, more electric steps and faster electric bikes, even fatbikes. Whole streets reserved for cycling and walking, along the Seine and through the heart of the city. New paths for walking, more green, more gardens open for public, new zero carbon parks, more vertical green and trees on balconies and rooftops. Yes the rooftops will be the next huge surface to use, specially when they will be connected and create new routes over the housings.

The other subject for my story must be my analogue camera with old film and finding places that tell a story of beauty. People talking about now and future, changes, possibilities. I am very excited to hear their visions.

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