blog #4 new: 24H of Paris or Amsterdam

Sept. 1, 2022 | Amsterdam
I created this very unique workshop of 24 hours: starting at the end of Day 1 and you end the next day (Day 2) same time. You try to follow with your camera what is happening in the never sleeping city of Amsterdam. You can choose your theme or you do what happens in the moment. With photography – or maybe drawing – you create a fantastic series of images of the flow in the city. Maybe Storytelling or Street photography .. or Portraits .. your choice.

The idea is Life in the City during 24 hours. Magical and personal. With meeting points where I will help you, guidance of a handout with tips and locations.
Every year in Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona. Join this special chance to experience the ’24H of a city’.
one person: €95,- / two persons: 2x€75,-= €150,-

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