feb. 27, 2018

Chance, luck, coincidence .. what is the role of luck in photography?
In my opinion: big, but you have to grab the chance, so you have to be ready to shoot when ‘it’ happens.
The trip to Rio de Janeiro (Jan. 2018) was not an acception.
This building from architect Calatrava is amazing and its interior delivered me already many great pictures. It is the Museu do Amanha or: Museum of the Future .. and many many people mostly from Rio wanted to see what is in store and even more: will the future be better?
But I came for one specific picture at the head of the building, but I could not get there (fences and a man in uniform kept me from there) so i had to go to the side and suddenly saw the beautiful lines in the white ceiling and one man, just one man in a black suit checking something or maybe making a selfie, who knows, but i pointed my camera, pressed the release button just before he disappeared.
Luck + quick response + the camera ready for any possible shot.

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