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22 maart 2019

mrt. 22, 2019

Rio de Janeiro is a photographers paradise. There is so much beauty in Rio. You become happy the first day you arrive and at the last […]
27 februari 2018

feb. 27, 2018

Chance, luck, coincidence .. what is the role of luck in photography? In my opinion: big, but you have to grab the chance, so you have […]
6 april 2017

6 apr. 2017

Fotograferen met film? De 35mm kleinbeeld en ook middenformaat zijn verre van verleden tijd: meer en meer fotografen houden zich er weer mee bezig. In kleur […]
21 april 2016

21 april 2016

London has lots of modern architecture, the cityscape along the Thames is spectacular .. but wait till you find a spot where you feel something, where […]