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Paul Struijk

18 maart 2019

mrt. 18, 2019

Rome reportage fotografie en visual storytelling5-11 mei 2019 De fotoreis geeft veel keuze mogelijkheden: straatfotografie, documantair, storytelling. De keuze storytelling betekent dat je veel soorten fotografie […]
27 februari 2018

feb. 27, 2018

Chance, luck, coincidence .. what is the role of luck in photography? In my opinion: big, but you have to grab the chance, so you have […]
11 februari 2018

feb. 10, 2018

Portfolio 2 is complete now: A series from Catania Fishmarket Sicily in B&W. July 2017 Check below in the footer on the right for the link.
11 februari 2018

feb. 11, 2018

Portfolio 3 is online: A series from the Cemetery in Rio de Janeiro in B&W. Jan 2018. Check below in the footer on the right for […]